Costs & Financials

You don’t require an ACAT to come to Odyssey. If you have care needs, you might want to have an assessment (Your choice) for a Home Care Package approval that may allow you access to government funding to cover some or all of your care costs. We can help you with this.

Depending on the level of Home Care Package you receive, you can get assistance with a range of different services. The three main categories of services are:

  • Services to keep you well and independent – including personal care, nursing services, allied health.
  • Services to keep you safe in your home – including cleaning, home maintenance and modifications, assistive technology.
  • Services to keep you connected to your community – including transport, social support services.

Odyssey care staff are able to deliver your Home Care Package, but you can choose to have your regular carers continue to support you in your home at Odyssey. Home Care Packages belong to the recipient and therefore its your choice who provides your care and support. It is completely your call.

Yes we can. Like in the medical industry, there are specialist that handle aged care financial matters. We can refer you to several who will know how to help you.

Yes, in most cases you are able to move in to Odyssey while you are in the process of selling your home. For further clarity, it’s best to speak with us.

Odyssey is upmarket but we have financial options that will most likely allow you to live with us!

It will depend on a number of variables but we do have many Residents that are on the pension or part pension. We will need to discuss this to determine a final answer.

Odyssey has 4 different financial solutions to assist you to live at Odyssey. In most cases, one of our options will work for you. Care is also very affordable and specially tailored for you via our Flexicare model that is very easy to understand. There are no hidden costs and we deliver care and meals at cost price to residents. Odyssey does not make money from these services.

A DMF is a Deferred Management Fee. This fee covers our carry costs for all the community facilities at your disposal that are not covered in the cost of your discounted apartment. It also assists to reimburse us for planned operating losses. We also need to make a profit. (Note that we do not profit from care, any running costs, electricity, phone, furnishings or any other incidental costs) We have 4 different financial options that range from a Fixed and Simple DMF of 10% year 1. 10% year 2 and 5% year 3 capped for life through to a shared capital gain Option. You can even pay all management fees upfront, keep all the capital gain with no DMF when you leave. It is completely up to you to choose what option works best for you.

Yes. The weekly fees will also cover your council rates and council water levy.

Your daily High Tea (complimentary for family and friends as well) is included in your weekly fees, as is your continental breakfast. Our chef prepared meals, served in our restaurant or delivered to your home, are offered at cost price. Currently, a sumptuous three course lunch is only $14.50.

Yes, you will need to pay for your own power and telephone, just like home. Note that Odyssey does not charge a fee for electrical or phone services and you can choose your supplier.

Your Home & Living

We not only accommodate for small and medium pets at Odyssey—we encourage residents to bring them along with them to their new homes. What’s more, our staff can help you to give your pet a walk or a bath if they need it.

Your apartment is yours, so you can have guests whenever you like. Many of our floor plans include a second bedroom, and several of our residents have turned these into dedicated guest rooms for such occasions.

Yes. Your apartment at Odyssey is your home and you can furnish and decorate it however you like.

Services, Facilities & Community

Not only do we plan regular events within our community, we’re also very proactive about helping residents to get out and attend the things they want to, with whomever they want to. Our community has extensive recreation facilities, so socialising can often be just as easy as taking a quick walk down the the hallway.

Yes, Odyssey has two modes of transport. Luxury, first-class leather seat transport for smaller groups plus a small bus for larger numbers. This way, several excursion options at one time can  be utilised.

Odyssey has a Lifestyle Coordinator who is responsible for making life at Odyssey fulfilling and fun. From active pursuits, to cultural and culinary experiences, you can participate in as many, or as few activities, as you like.

Nursing Care & Support

We offer professional nursing care and support from low to high care, as well as palliative and dementia care. We have three shift rotations a day with a fresh Registered Nurse heading up each shift. This means there is a very qualified person at hand always to make sure you are safe.

A move to Odyssey is the only move you’ll ever need to make. We provide a full range of care options from low to high right here, so you never have to worry about whether you’ll have the right kind of assistance at hand.

A Registered Nurse, an Enrolled Nurse plus carers are onsite 24/7 delivering everything from low care right through to high and palliative care. We create a care plan that best suit your needs and our care staff attend to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home. They can also respond to an emergency call within minutes.

Couples at Odyssey don’t ever have to be separated, even if you require different levels of care. Nursing care is provided to all residents in their own home according to their individual needs, which also prevents the physical and emotional disruptions of moving as those needs change over time.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can move in right away. If you like the look of what we do, you can have it when you want it and how you want it.

We can assist you to unwind what you may have in place and assist you to move into a different government funded channel to get things back in balance.

At Odyssey we are very confident that you will want to stay so we do offer a 14 day guarantee that confirms that if you don’t like living with us for up to 14 days after moving in, you can leave and we will refund you. No problem!

In many cases yes. Personal service seems to have been forgotten these days. Phil meets potential residents, in person whenever possible.