Who we are

We believe in creating a bright future for elderly Australians.

Introducing our founder 
Phil Usher

Odyssey founder and CEO Phil Usher, who 20 years ago started on a journey to create a better model of ageing in place that offers a bright future for Australian seniors.

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The Leadership Team

Phil Usher
Founder & CEO

Likes: Running, surfing, travelling, time spent with family & friends.
Vision: I want to provide a bright future for all of our Mum’s, Dad’s and ultimately, ourselves.

Aaron Lavell

Likes: Hawthorn in the AFL, red wine and spending time with the family.
Vision: I’d like to see all elderly Australians have access to the quality of life and care that Odyssey offers.

Bec Hamer – Registered Nurse
Chief Wellness Officer

Likes: Being mum to my four children, the beach, fishing and eating out.
Vision: Since I was 18, nursing has been my passion. I want to help people to be healthy, happy and comfortable.

Richard Durie
Chief Financial Officer

Likes: Racing my SUP, surfing and listening to classical music.
Vision: I would love to see music therapy for the elderly continue to grow.

George Bryan
Development Manager

Likes: Spending time with my wife & son, hanging out with friends, surfing, running & golf.
Vision: For our residents to enjoy living in well-designed, comfortable and welcoming communities. Creating a place to call home – where our residents can host their families, make new friends and enjoy the space around them.

Renee McGilvary
Operations Manager

Likes: Spending time with my family, fitness, macrame, the beach and camping.
Vision: I want to help provide our elderly with a community to live out the rest of their days that feels like home and is a fun, loving and exciting place to be.

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Treating people with respect, compassion and kindness is at the core of everything we do.

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