Over the past 20 years, Odyssey founder Phil Usher has made it his life’s work to create a better model of ageing for Australians.

My Mum who passed from dementia-related complications was the driving force of why I’ve spent my life creating an alternative to traditional aged care. When I was considering an aged care home for her, she told me she didn’t want to live in a box, she didn’t want to be told to get up at a certain time and live a regimented life.

She wanted to be able to keep her dog, Honey, to have family stay, she didn’t want someone washing her delicates, she wanted privacy and dignity. At the time, I couldn’t find a place that offered her the kind of life she wanted, so I made improving aged care my odyssey. If it’s not good enough for the people I love, it’s simply not good enough.

My determination to create the best alternative to aged care led to a fresh, heart-centered approach known as a Lifestyle Care Community. I wanted to give the power back to the residents, put people first where you have your own home in a lifestyle-orientated community, couples stay together, pets are welcome, grand kids have sleepovers, and most importantly – your comfort, dignity and independence is the first priority.

Phil Usher
Odyssey Founder & CEO

Our Promises

Treating people with respect, compassion and kindness is at the core of everything we do. At Odyssey, we are here to help you achieve the highest levels of comfort and independence in your daily life.

A heart-centred approach

A heart-centered

Friendship, family and community

Friendship, family
and community

Your home, your way

Your home,
your way

Care support and peace of mind

Care, support and
peace of mind

Hotel perks on your doorstep

Hotel perks on your

The Odyssey Way

We want you to focus on continuing life as normal in a great atmosphere while feeling safe and secure about where you live. That’s why Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities combine the best of retirement resort community living with first class care, built-in.

Couples stay together

Pets are welcome

Customised care is delivered at cost

Never move again, even if care needs change

Fully featured apartments

Friendship, Family & Community

We understand the importance of family, your independence, a sense of community and even take into account day-to-day things you may need help with. That’s why we’ve created a place that takes you into account as a whole person. Everything we do has been designed in a way that puts you first and delivers on creating the best lifestyle possible. You become a part of a community that relies on abundant relationships, compassionate support and understanding. 

Your Home, Your Way

Furnish and decorate to your taste, have friends and family over, bring your pet and feel proud to call your beautifully crafted apartment – home.

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