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Odyssey’s onsite team of qualified nursing staff deliver personalised care and support services in your own home, tailored to your individual needs.

Your 24/7 onsite
nursing team

Our Odyssey Care Communities have dedicated, professional and qualified care teams on site at all times, delivering you personalised care in the comfort and privacy of your home. Your care team at Odyssey includes Registered Nurses (RN), Endorsed Enrolled Nurses (EEN) and Carers, with care services customised to your needs and preferences.

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FlexiCare is care
delivered differently

No person’s circumstances or needs are the same, which is why we created FlexiCare. Unlike other communities, which take a one-size-fits-all approach to nursing care, we’ll work with you to develop a tailored care plan, just for you. It means you’ll have onsite care that suits your circumstances, as well as the flexibility to change your care if and when your needs change.
Our professional, qualified onsite care team can provide a full spectrum of care levels, from light touch assistance, through to extra high levels of care and palliative care. All of these services can be provided by our care team in your own home.
If you are living at home with a partner, we will also tailor your care plan individually, while you continue staying together as a family.


How much does care cost?

FlexiCare means you will only pay for the care you need – every person’s care plan will be different, which means the price will vary based on your circumstances. We deliver all of our care at cost price, and if you are eligible for a Government-funded Home Care Package, this can be used for your at-home care in Odyssey.
We’ll work with you to design your FlexiCare package based on the best level of care for you, and the number of hours per week that may be required. Because our care team are onsite, we’re able to provide you with the exact level of care you need, at a competitive and fair price.
As part of your General Services Charge, you will have access to a Care Concierge to oversee and tailor your care needs, as well as the peace of mind of having a Registered Nurse onsite at all times for emergency situations.
The most accurate way to estimate the cost of a FlexiCare package for you is to talk to our team – but here are a few examples of how our care plans can be structured.

Here’s a few scenarios that you may relate to:

1. Home Care Package

Peter and Mary are living at home. They have an approved Home Care Package before making the move to an apartment at Odyssey. When they move to Odyssey, they can choose to continue with their current Home Care provider, or use the Odyssey FlexiCare team. Odyssey’s care will likely be a better financial option for Peter and Mary, as they can deliver care in smaller increments of time and don’t charge travel fees, maximising value for money. Peter and Mary will also now have access to a Registered Nurse 24/7 at Odyssey for emergencies at no additional cost. 

2. Self-Funded Retiree

John is funding his own retirement – so paying for his care at-cost at Odyssey is saving him money, compared to employing an external care provider. As a resident at Odyssey, he pays directly for his FlexiCare services, only paying for the care he needs based on the personalised care package the Odyssey team has designed for him. If John’s needs change, he can easily tailor his package to his new needs and reap the benefits immediately, without needing to move.

3. Waiting for a Home Care Package

Michelle is living at home and waiting for her Government-funded Home Care package to be approved. While she’s living at home, she is paying for her required care directly, which comes at a high cost, with high minimum charges, and at time increments that are more expensive than the equivalent care at Odyssey. If Michelle moves to Odyssey now, she is likely to save money as she will be paying for care at cost price, and only for what she needs, even before her Home Care Package is in place

4. Independent Living

A FlexiCare plan isn’t a compulsory part of life at Odyssey. Betty has been living independently, and doesn’t have immediate nursing care requirements. But as an organised person, Betty likes to plan for the future and has chosen to move into an Odyssey Care Community. For now, Betty doesn’t need a FlexiCare plan, but she has the convenience and security of having a Care Concierge onsite, and a Registered Nurse covered as part of her General Services Charge, just in case she needs it. She also has access to Odyssey’s additional support staff to help her with domestic duties at cost price. When the time comes for Betty to have some in-home care, she can arrange care easily and in the comfort of her own home and community.

Dementia Care and

Odyssey is equipped to support residents living with dementia, at all levels of care. In most cases, residents can continue living in their Odyssey home with their partner, and our expert Carers will provide them with the support they need to be happy, safe and comfortable at home.
For residents with advanced dementia and who can no longer live safely at home, Odyssey’s new ‘Memory Lane’ provides a safe and secure area for residents with specialist staff on hand to support with your loved one’s individual needs. It means that no matter how their dementia progresses, residents will be looked after in an environment that prioritises their safety and dignity.

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Our Care Services

• Initial, moderate and high care
• Palliative care
• Dementia care and management
• Short term care for acute episodes eg. total hip replacement
• Rehabilitation support

• Injections
• Wound care
• Medication management
• Bowel care
• Catheterisation
• Peg tube management
• Diabetes management

• Showering, dressing and toilet assistance
• Personal hygiene
• Skin integrity management
• Fitting and adjusting hearing aids/glasses etc.
• Passive and active exercises

• Manage bladder control problems

• Manage bowel control problems

• Individual assistance and encouragement
• Provide for special diets when required and texture modified food options
• In home meal preparation

• Assistance with mobility aids
• Safe, planned manual handling
• Exercise groups such as balance classes for falls prevention

• Individual support and encouragement
• Facilitate communication with staff, family and residents
• Encourage social interaction and mental stimulation
• Regular wellness seminars