Moving house can be an overwhelming milestone. From packing to moving to unpacking, it can be physically and emotionally exhausting. At Odyssey, our heart-centred approach begins before you move into your new home. We’ll do all the heavy lifting—literally and figuratively—for you.

Stress-Free Service

We deliver a comprehensive stress-free move service for all of our residents, free of charge. So from the moment you decide to move, we’re there to lend a helping hand. That’s a promise – from our family, to yours.

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How It Works

1. We help you downsize.

Life is a collection of adventures and memories, and we all collect many possessions along the way. If you’re looking to downsize, our experts will help you decide what to keep, donate and discard.

2. We pack up.

Leave the boxes and bubble wrap to us. A professional removalist will carefully pack up the belongings you’ll be taking to Odyssey.

3. We move.

We’ll deliver everything to your new home, so you can take your time to farewell your previous home — and get to know your new neighbourhood.

4. We unpack.

When your belongings are home, we’ll put everything in its place. Your home will be ready for you when you arrive — all you have to do is settle in.