10 Questions You Need To Ask When Looking At Aged Care/Retirement Accommodation

17 March, 2022

We all deserve to love where we live. That’s why choosing aged care accommodation can be so complex and overwhelming. To ensure you have all the important information at your fingertips, our experienced team has put together a checklist of 10 important questions to ask before moving into an aged care community.


1. What’s the location like and what’s nearby?

If home is where your heart is, then you want to be close to the people and places that matter most. It all comes down to continuing the life you love. Look for an aged care community close to everyday joys and conveniences like shops, cinemas, restaurants, health services, and hospitals. 


2. What’s the community and lifestyle like?

For social butterflies and those who enjoy a relaxed events calendar, finding a community you enjoy is key. It’s also important to know how much control you’ll have over your schedule. Can you call the shots? Is there extra support when you want it? 


3. What’s the food like?

At Odyssey, food sits at the very centre of daily enjoyment and health. Ideally, your aged care provider should prioritise delicious and nutritious meals, made with care every day, for your delight and dietary requirements.


4. Can couples stay together?

While it’s true that some retirement and aged care communities split up couples’ accommodations, this isn’t something you have to worry about at Odyssey. Instead, you and your partner can enjoy living together in your beautiful apartment for the whole time you’re here.


5. Can I bring my pet with me?

Pets aren’t always allowed in retirement and aged care communities. But furry best friends are welcome here at Odyssey. You’ll find fellow pet-lovers, plenty of local pet care facilities, and lovely walks nearby.


6. What care options are available?

When you find a new home that you love, you’ll want to stay in it without having to move again. It’s best to find a provider that can tailor your care and its cost to your needs if they change over time. Ask if providers offer real, 24/7 full time, on site care should you need it. For extra peace of mind, ask if care is outsourced or coordinated on-site—like it is at Odyssey.


7. How do you keep residents safe?

Again, the location of your community is important. Is it a safe, welcoming suburb? Is the community set up with security basics like physical security gates that close at night, 24/7 staff in case of emergencies, CCTV for common areas, and effective communication systems?


8. What training and qualifications do staff have?

Even if you don’t need a certain level of care now, you may in the future. We recommend choosing an aged care option with Registered Nurses in their care team. At Odyssey, we make sure you never need to move again as our care packages are tailored to your needs and can be scaled up at any time.


9. How do you calculate the deferred management fee?

Some aged care and many retirement communities, including Odyssey, operate with deferred management fees (DMF). Make sure you understand how those fees are calculated and your initial contributions, throughout the duration, and after your stay. More DMF questions? Get in touch with our team—we’re always ready to help.


10. What happens if you move in and get buyers’ regret?

If you move in somewhere and it’s not for you, some facilities may offer a ‘settling in period’. At Odyssey, for example, we offer a 14-day guarantee. So, if you don’t like living with us for up to 14 days after moving in, you can leave and we will refund you. No problem!

At Odyssey, we want you to feel truly at home and confident in your accommodation choice. We offer tours that range from a quick Q&A session to an in-depth tour of Odyssey Robina. Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you have and walk you through Odyssey’s premium one and two bedroom apartments. Book a tour today!