10 Warning Signs Your Parents Are Ready For Assisted Living

22 December, 2021

How do you really know if your mum and dad need more help in day-to-day life? It’s a daunting question. Our team at Odyssey are passionate about supporting you to know the signs, so you can support your parents when they take their next important step in life.


10 signs to look out for

Whatever they need, whenever they need it—the right care is out there for your parents. If you notice any of the signs below, our free and unbiased Aged Care Assist service is here to help you find the right tailored care.


  1. Do your parents seem more forgetful lately?
  2. Are they experiencing rapid changes in moods?
  3. Has their interest in socialising or hobbies declined?
  4. Are they reluctant or find it difficult to move around the house?
  5. Have you noticed them struggling with balance?
  6. Do they experience confusion or difficulty when completing everyday tasks?
  7. Have you noticed a decline in personal or home hygiene?
  8. Do they appear to have lost weight?
  9. Have you found spoiled foods that haven’t been thrown away?
  10. Have you noticed increasing clutter (the mail, unwashed dishes or clothes)?


I’ve noticed some signs. What next?

Step 1) It’s time to talk to your parents. Begin the conversation with empathy and understanding. Let them know you want to work with them to find which options best suit their preferences and needs.


Step 2) Make sure you aren’t working alone. Always involve other family members or your parent’s friends in the discussion, but make sure to keep the group small so you don’t overwhelm your parents.


Step 3) Mention the warning signs you (and other people) have noticed and allow your parents to explain their side of the story.


Step 4) Listen to other perspectives. Even if you don’t agree, listening to other opinions can help in the initial conversations and deciding on an appropriate aged care option.


Step 5) Seek unbiased advice. Odyssey offers a free Aged Care Assist service to help you navigate the sometimes-confusing world of aged care.


And if they don’t want to talk about it?

If you’re finding it hard to discuss aged care options with your parents, our expert team has gathered their best advice here.


Life is beautiful. So is the care they need.

Rather than aged care seeming like a burdensome or overwhelming journey, we make it as easy as possible. In fact, not only is moving to an Odyssey community refreshingly effortless, it can also be a wonderful step in life. 


Created as an alternative to traditional aged care, Odyssey residents can live their life the way they want, with care readily available. It’s about continuing their lifestyle with the benefits of 24/7 care, luxury living, and connectedness to family, community, and friends. And our FlexiCare Packages ensure you only pay for the care your parents need when they need it. 


It gets better and brighter.

At Odyssey, we exist to leave those traditional aged care myths well and truly behind in our industry. We put people first, always. We innovate for better aged care, so your parents can take real joy in living, every day of their lives. 

Talk to our team to discover more about Odyssey’s beautiful aged care.