Dad Needs Care, But Mum Can’t Handle It All On Her Own

02 June, 2022

We all want the best for our parents as they head into their senior years. But what’s best can look different for Dad than it does for Mum. It’s a common reality for one of your parents to need a higher level of care or assistance than the other. The good news is, at Odyssey, both of your parents are supported as individuals to get the best out of their lives. Here’s how.


First-class care, when and if they need it.

Your parents’ care isn’t a set-and-forget topic. At Odyssey, our professional care teams are made up of Registered Nurses who deliver care in the privacy of your parents’ apartment. This means that your parents can adjust their individual care at any point; we call this FlexiCare. Whatever they need, 24/7, your parents can receive all levels of care—from no care to low or high care.


Prioritising dignity through dementia care.

Oftentimes, when one parent has dementia, the other parent takes on a heavy care load on a daily basis. But as both parents age, they both need support. The beautiful part about our onsite dementia care unit is our ability to provide every level of tailored care to our residents living with dementia while helping their partners take breaks and get the support they need as key carers. 


Never a need to move again.

Many people who live in the community or retirement villages most often find they need more care and are faced with the possibility of needing to move into an aged care facility. But if your parents find a home they truly love, they shouldn’t have to move to get the care they need. Delivering the care your parents need (at cost!) is a major benefit of living at Odyssey and it’s part of what makes our community so unique.


Life is beautiful here.

There’s hardly a day when your parents won’t be invited to join in on a social outing, activity or community program. The idea behind Odyssey’s luxury resort-style design is to create an environment that promotes wellbeing, health and happiness. It’s perfect for social butterflies, foodies, loving grandparents and their families or those who love serenity and quiet.


Our gourmet restaurant is the place to be.

It’s a fact we repeat time and time again because it’s just that good. Odyssey residents dine daily in their very own restaurant. All their nutritious and delicious meals (and their visitors’ meals) are whipped together by our talented chefs. It’s the best place for foodies to indulge and catch up with friends, family and the Odyssey community—something to look forward to every day.


And, of course, pets are welcome too.

Yes, we are pet lovers here! Odyssey is a wonderful place for your parents’ furry best friend. We know pets can be a great support and comfort, so there’s no need to say goodbye. Instead, your parents can bring pets along and introduce them to a world of beautiful community gardens, local walks and loads of attention from fellow residents and staff.

With Odyssey, your parents get to choose what’s best for them, together and independently. Whether that’s respective levels of care or creating a lifestyle they love—it’s all here for them. To find out more, chat with our team or take a tour of our Robina community!