Stay Ahead Of The Care Curve With Odyssey

07 October, 2022

What kind of care will you need in the years ahead? If you can’t answer that question with certainty, don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s why at Odyssey, we’ve always delivered on this one dependable promise: access to an onsite Registered Nurse, available to you 24/7.


Isn’t having a 24/7 onsite Registered Nurse the norm in aged care?

Believe it or not, it’s not a given! While the Australian Government is looking to legislate this very requirement in the coming years, many aged care providers do not offer this level of care yet.


So, will all providers meet this requirement soon?

For the sake of better aged care across our country, we hope so! However, due to nursing shortages Australia-wide, many providers in the industry are concerned that they will not be able to meet this requirement in the coming years.


What to expect from Odyssey

Odyssey operates under the Retirement Villages Act, and we have always viewed 24/7 onsite access to a Registered Nurse as our absolute standard for every single resident. That’s why we built this level of care into our community from the very start.


Why is this level of care important?

Firstly, having round-the-clock, onsite access to a Registered Nurse means that no matter what your health needs are, you’ll always have the qualified care you need and deserve. Our resident doctor also visits three days a week, so residents can book their appointment in the doctor’s office or request an in-home visit.

Secondly, our experienced and professional care team can offer you a spectrum of first-class care services. So, if you wish, you may never need to move homes again.


1. We have a large team of professionals
Odyssey’s care team is made up of about 70 professionals—from Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and carers. We ensure there is a Registered Nurse onsite 24/7, with three scheduled shifts every day.

2. We are onsite and available
Whether you’re in your apartment or in a common area within the resort, our care team is only a few minutes away. If needed, we can visit your apartment to ensure you receive your medication in a matter of minutes—a daily convenience that wouldn’t be possible with an external care provider.


3. We are capable in emergencies
Every single staff member in our Odyssey team (from nursing to kitchen to reception) has completed manual handling training and first aid. So, in an emergency, all our staff onsite can assist initially if required and then seek the assistance of a Registered Nurse. And, for your peace of mind, Robina Hospital is only six minute’s drive away should you ever need to visit.

4. We tailor your care
Every single Odyssey resident has a completely customised care plan that fits in with their life and health requirements. If you live with your partner and you both have different care needs, you will both be treated individually from the comfort of your apartment. Whether it’s daily care, like administering your medication or specialised care, like our high-level support for residents living with dementia, our team is here for your needs.


Confidence in your future care

Our goal is to make sure your care at Odyssey is one less thing to worry about. So, if you love living here, you can embrace our care services with confidence.

We’ve given every consideration to ensure the care you receive is as affordable, personalised, professional, consistent, capable and accessible as possible. If you’d like to find out more about Odyssey’s unique care model, get in touch with our team today.