Why We’re the Gold Coast’s Best Seniors Community

06 March, 2024

Your choice of community is a very personal decision. When it’s time to consider moving for extra living support and nursing care, it can feel like you’re moving away from the community you’ve invested in and grown around you. But at Odyssey, we want to support you to keep the people you love close and add even more quality connections to your life! Here, you can find a seniors community you truly feel at home with, right here on the Gold Coast.


Moving is a major life milestone

A sad reality for many is that moving to aged care, nursing care or a retirement village can feel like a dramatic and deeply emotional event. Imagine leaving behind your family home filled with memories. Or feeling overwhelmed by the task of downsizing your home, minimising your possessions and changing your lifestyle.


But what if moving wasn’t as life disrupting? Or, what if it made your life even better?


This is why Odyssey exists!

When our founder, Phil Usher, was looking for an aged care home for his Mum, he became passionate about creating a better alternative. Odyssey is the Gold Coast’s most innovative luxury community for seniors—starting with our MoveAssist service to designer apartments, 24/7 onsite professional care, gourmet dining, Concierge and a warm, welcoming community.

““If it’s not good enough for the people I love, it’s simply not good enough. My determination to create the best alternative to aged care led to a fresh, heart-centred approach known as a Lifestyle Care Community.”

— Phil Usher, Odyssey founder & CEO



Jan’s community

We believe your home at Odyssey should contain everything you hold dear, including the community you treasure. Our Odyssey resident, Jan, understands this experience first-hand from her gradual journey of downsizing and moving:

“The difficulty is leaving where your children have been born, where your kids have been married—all that family history. That’s very emotional, very emotional indeed. But once you’ve done it, it gets a little bit better.”

— Jan, Odyssey resident


Residents, Jan and Michael share about their community experiences at Odyssey Robina. If you’d love to hear more, click to listen to Episode 51 of our podcast: Your Retirement Years.


While adjusting to the change felt daunting at first, Jan soon found her people at Odyssey—the friends whose company she now spends time with every week.

“I have a delightful group of friends that I’m very, very grateful to have. They’re wonderful. I involve myself as much as I possibly can… I play bingo… I play bridge… I play scrabble. Another one of the residents and I have put on a couple of one-act plays. I don’t know everybody who lives there but I know a heck of a lot!”

— Jan, Odyssey resident


Michael’s community

Michael, an Odyssey resident of two years, makes sure his days are filled to the brim with the community he cares about, and most importantly, his family:

“We have an activity sheet printed once a week. We look at it and choose what we want to do. We go for a bus drive. We’re so busy, we’ve always got something to do! We’ve got a really nice family, so they’re always popping in and things.”

— Michael, Odyssey resident


As a lover of genuine community, Michael has found a comfortable sense of belonging and connection during his everyday life:

“We always had a car and we drove all over the place, if and when we felt like it. But we tend to move on to different stages in life and you have to work harder to enjoy different things. You make new friends here. And everyone’s so friendly. You can’t walk past a person without saying, ‘G’day mate’. And the staff here are fantastic.”

— Michael, Odyssey resident


Connect with our community today

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