Your Retirement Years – Episode 23

24 February, 2021

Your Retirement Years With Phil Usher

Each month, private aged care specialist and Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities founder, Phil Usher is joined by a variety of guest speakers to discuss the aged care landscape in Australia. Presented by 4CRB, Your Retirement Years reviews the changes that are on the horizon and underway within the retirement and aged care industry.

Episode 23 – Claire Robinson

In this month’s episode of Your Retirement Years presented by 4CRB, Phil talks to Claire Robinson from Basic Tech, a company that provides assistance learning about all things tech! Phil and Claire discuss how we’ve adopted technology into our everyday lives, how to be scam aware and how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of virtual learning and more.

Claire has worked with tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Apple and later combined her passions of technology and helping people to create Basic Tech and even shares some fun trivia facts about the leading tech companies!