How to choose the right real estate agent with Michael Kollosche

04 June, 2021

Choosing the right real estate agent can be tricky and with something as significant as selling your house, it’s important to know what attributes to look for. Phil caught up with property expert, Michael Kollosche, to help you learn how to navigate putting your home on the market. You can watch the full video below!

First impressions

When looking into which agent to pick, it can be easy to get caught up in the hype and promises of certain real estate agents. Michael discourages this and instead suggests paying attention to how prepared they are.

Past behaviour indicates the future. Ensure your potential agents come prepared with their last 12 months of transactions—the record of the property sales. If they don’t, you can look up transactions on

Have they come with a fair assessment of your property’s worth? Michael states agents need to have product and area knowledge suitable for your property. Your real estate agent should show up to the first meeting with a property assessment based on research of your area and the current market. They should also be aware of comparable sales, what the differences and similarities are, and be able to explain it to you.

Knowing the price is right

Once you have been given a price, it can be difficult to know if it’s accurate as depending on the agent, they might exaggerate or underestimate your property’s price. 

This is why your real estate agent should provide a detailed property analysis so you can review comparable sales in your area and see the properties for yourself.


Michael recommends potential sellers undertake an independent presale evaluation to take the hard work out of guessing your property’s worth. This may also help understand where your agent is coming from. He also suggests you take a presale building and pest report to ensure you have enough time to fix any potential issue before it can impact the sale of your home.

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