How to downsize with Deborah Provost

04 June, 2021

It can be hard downsizing from the family home you raised your kids in to a new, unfamiliar apartment. Instead of seeing this as a time of great loss, Phil discussed how to make this transition easy and pain-free with Deborah Provost, who has a wealth of experience in downsizing. You can watch the full video below!

Change your perspective

Deborah understands how large and daunting downsizing can be, but if you view this change as a new beginning, it helps in adjusting to a new environment and community. You are entering the next (and best) era of your life – you will be living in a brand new space, meeting new people, and getting the opportunity to be involved in fun events with new and old friends. Let’s get excited!

By downsizing now, you are also doing it on your own terms. Being able to control this process and decide for yourself what you are keeping, giving away, or donating can be incredibly cathartic and freeing.

We all love our stuff, but it’s time for it to go

Over the span of our lives, especially if we stay in one house for a long time, we accumulate a lot of things. In a large area, it is easy to fill every nook and cranny, but oftentimes, we don’t need or even use everything we have. Downsizing is the perfect opportunity to evaluate what is important in your life and what isn’t.

It is important to give yourself the time to go through your belongings to see what is necessary and what you don’t use. Deborah suggests you keep your absolute favourites and get rid of anything else – because if you don’t, your kids definitely will!

Treat yourself

A lot of times we keep our beautiful things in cabinets or cupboards to be used on special occasions. What are you saving it for? Use your crystal, your best silverware, and your nicest dining set! Your new, beautifully crafted Odyssey apartment deserves the best and so do you.

Deborah believes downsizing is a great opportunity to hire a decorator to help create an environment suitable for your new adventure. 

Downsizing is the perfect place to start your new lease on life. At Odyssey, we are here to help you transition into our community to help you feel at home and maximise your quality of life. We currently offer a Move Assist service that takes care of the downsizing, with your assistance (of course!). To find out more, get in touch today at 07 5551 6720.