Episode 40 – Your Retirement Years with Phil Usher, Julie Lockeridge and Rebecca Moraitis

17 November, 2022

Your Retirement Years With Phil Usher

Each month, private aged care specialist and Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities founder Phil Usher is joined by a variety of guest speakers to discuss the aged care landscape in Australia. Presented by 4CRB, Your Retirement Years reviews the changes that are on the horizon and underway within the retirement and aged care industry.

Episode 40 – Julie Lockeridge and Rebecca Moraitis

In this month’s episode of Your Retirement Years presented by 4CRB, Phil Usher talks to Julie Lockeridge from Aged Care Gurus and Rebecca Moraitis from Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities. Phil, Julie and Rebecca chat about a topic that is causing confusion for a lot of people – the ACFI system being replacing with the new AN-ACC system, bringing with it new rules. This episode focuses on the technical questions as well as looking at how consumers are responding to this change in aged care and answers questions such as what is the AN-ACC system? How does the AN-ACC system work? What are consumers saying about the AN-ACC system?

Julie Lockeridge is a financial advisor who specialises in retirement and aged care and has ensured people get the right advice for over 15 years on the Gold Coast. Rebecca Moraitis is aged care placement coordinator and has worked in the industry for over 15 years, supporting people on how to access and understand their aged care options.