Let the Cooking Odyssey begin!

15 October, 2021


This month marked the first of our cooking classes ‘The Cooking Odyssey’. Residents mixed, kneaded and baked up a storm with one of Odyssey’s chefs Kevin. Designed to boost confidence in the kitchen, teach new skills and create a social environment, the Cooking Odyssey is a delicious and nutritious experience for Odyssey residents. Channels 7 and 9 Gold Coast News even came along to film and interview residents and enjoyed fresh scones!

While many of our residents don’t need to cook, the Cooking Odyssey provides seniors with plenty of inspiration and information when it comes to the kitchen. These lessons are headed up by Odyssey’s three chefs, who each specialise in different cuisines including Asian Fusion, Japanese cuisine, comfort food and more. Offering an inclusive, creative and educational family friendly project these lessons enable residents a creative outlet in the kitchen, social connection and confidence in the culinary arts.