Meet Odyssey’s new Community Manager

20 November, 2020

We’re very excited to introduce Odyssey’s New Community Manager- Emma!

Not entirely new to the Odyssey scene, Emma has worked with us for many years and was our Manager of the Year in a previous life!

Coming from an operational background across numerous industries, Emma is an outrigger canoe champion who holds a sprints record and has competed against the likes of Lisa Curry!

Considering herself a doer who makes things happen, Emma inspires the team around her to see their potential and work towards their best.

Emma loves that lifestyle, care and community are what Odyssey is all about and describes her role as refreshing and rewarding and believes working in the aged care and retirement industry has brought out the best in her.

Emma enjoys giving back, being solution orientated, considers teamwork of the utmost importance and finds that if she has put a smile on someone’s face, she’s had a successful day.