Meet Your Care Team

12 September, 2023

An exceptional lifestyle with exceptional care—what more could you want as we age on the Gold Coast. This philosophy is at the heart of Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities. And it’s the professional and friendly onsite care team that keeps it alive and beating. So it’s time to meet ‘The Wellness Team’.


Bec Hamer | Chief Wellness Officer

Bec is responsible for the entire care department across all Odyssey Communities. She enhances the Odyssey experience for everyone involved by ensuring the care department functions smoothly, providing support and guidance to the Wellness Team and collaborating with the executive team. Bec is also in charge of implementing the care department in any new Odyssey Developments and the Odyssey Care Angels external Community Model.

Bec’s favourite part of the job is seeing the residents. They light up her day. She also really enjoys Odyssey’s commitment to tailoring care. It means partners can move in together, even if one needs more care than the other.

“It’s really special that the care team can come and assist our Odyssey residents in their homes with as little or as much care as they like. Each resident receives unique treatment tailored to their specific care needs”

Bec’s working hours are Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm. Next time you see her say hello.


Lloyd Betzel | Wellness Manager Odyssey Robina

Lloyd is responsible for day-to-day care operations at Odyssey Robina, ensuring high quality resident care. He supervises and coordinates nurses and caregivers to guarantee the wellbeing and safety of residents. Lloyd also collaborates with other health care professionals to implement effective care plans, monitor resident progress and make necessary adjustments.

Responsible for maintaining compliance with the healthcare regulations and standards and implementing best practices, Lloyd is passionate about providing exceptional care while fostering a positive and supportive work environment for the care team.

Lloyd’s working hours are Monday – Friday 8:00am-4:00pm. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself when you see him around Robina.


Natalie Costa Leite | Wellness Care Administration

Natalie keeps everything going. She is responsible for managing and coordinating the administration aspects of our health care services to ensure smooth operations and high-quality service delivery.

Natalie handles a range of responsibilities including staff rostering, scheduling all Odyssey services to residents, coordinating adhoc appointments, assisting with the billing process and carer recruitment and training. She’s passionate about managing resources effectively to streamline processes, enhance efficiency and to provide a positive resident and staff experience.

You’ll see Natalie’s friendly smile Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm.


Shiva Daraji | Wellness Administration Manager (Case Manager) Odyssey Robina

Shiva helps individuals who receive home care package funds to coordinate the services that they require. And she works closely with residents and their families to understand their needs and develop a care plan that outlines the specific services and supports required.

Shiva is passionate about ensuring individuals receive the specific and tailored care they need to live safely and comfortably in their Odyssey apartments.

Our friendly case manager works Monday – Friday 8:00am-4:00pm.

Leah Smith | Wellness Clinical Support Odyssey Robina

Leah is responsible for overseeing a blend of Odyssey Robina Community and Lifebright. Her primary responsibilities encompass care data analysis and reporting, clinical oversight, assisting the wellness manager in achieving comprehensive care in all aspects, involvement in care administration tasks, ensuring compliance, and involvement in continuous improvement initiatives.

Leah’s work hours are Monday – Friday 8:00am-4:00pm.


Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses

The Registered Staff at Odyssey are all healthcare professionals who have completed their nursing program and obtained the necessary licences to practise nursing. They work as crucial members of the team, working tirelessly to deliver compassionate care, promote health, prevent illness and support residents and their families throughout the resident’s healthcare journey.

The Registered Staff cover a wide range of responsibilities like direct patient care, care planning, medication administration, resident advocacy, resident education, responding to emergencies, collaborating care, monitoring, evaluating and documenting.

The Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses are scheduled to provide exceptional 24/7 onsite care.


Personal Carers

In the Odyssey community, carers provide essential support and assistance to individuals who require help with daily activities and personal care. They play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life and well-being of individuals in need of assistance.

Our carers offer practical support and emotional connections, promoting comfort and also independence to maintain a sense of dignity for those under their care.

Odyssey Personal Carers are scheduled to provide exceptional 24/7 onsite care.


Looking for a Gold Coast aged care alternative?

Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities isn’t your average Gold Coast aged care.

“We’ve taken the best of retirement resort living and combined it with the same level of professional onsite nursing care you’d expect at an aged care facility,” says Founder & CEO, Phil Usher. “Beyond your own home is an active community, stunning amenities and friendly staff that always put you first. It’s the Odyssey way and we think it’s exactly what you are looking for”.

If you are looking into aged care Robina, learn more about care at Odyssey or visit us and meet some of the care team in person. We’re looking forward to meeting you.