Odyssey on 9 News Gold Coast

19 August, 2022

Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities, who advocates for aged care to be seen as upsizing rather than downsizing, is on board with the Government’s Downsizer Contributions incentive.

We’d like to offer a big thanks to 9 News Gold Coast for reporting on the story, Julie Lockeridge from Lockeridge Financial Advisory and our superstar resident Jan for making this happen!

This is an excellent incentive that enables superannuation and Centrelink benefits as well as ensuring seniors are living in a supportive environment and there are many reasons why elderly Australians should seriously consider this as a viable option.

The other major benefit is of course, that this could help create an avenue for relief to the Australian housing crisis and free up a lot of spacious homes.

If living in the family home no longer suits an individual’s needs or lifestyle, seniors need to embrace change and start shopping around for an alternative.