Why you shouldn’t rely solely on urgent care for your health care needs

08 October, 2019

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It’s Tuesday night, 9 pm. You have a deadline to meet on Friday, and need to be at your best for the presentation that day. But tonight, your throat is on fire, your ears feel like they need to pop and you might be breaking out in chills. Why does this happen to you so often, anyway?? You simply do not have time for this! It may seem like the obvious solution is to check online for the nearest Urgent Care clinic, so you can get this over with and move on.

OK, that gets you to Friday. What if this happens again next week, while you’re on a business trip in a different city? Once again, you have to find a clinic, explain your history, list the medications you’ve been taking, mention the appendectomy you had in fifth grade. Hopefully, you won’t leave out an important detail that could affect your treatment or even your safety. All of this might get you adequate care, but will you be looking forward to repeating it all next time?

“What if this happens again next week, while you’re on a business trip in a different city?”

Let’s envision this instead: you could just as easily contact someone who has your complete medical record at their fingertips. You are invited to share who you are and details about your lifestyle, as your care provider knows that this is the foundation of your health. You will co-create a personalized, comprehensive solution to your health needs. Now that would be wonderful!

As a Primary Care Provider (PCP), that’s exactly what I do. My healthcare team and I focus on who you are as an individual. Primary care is your healthcare homebase, a place where you can build connections with people who get to know you, and are ready to help navigate any health issues that come your way. No matter where life takes you, your PCP can be there for you – and help to solve your healthcare needs, ranging from simple concerns to complex issues. The main reason I specialized in Family Medicine was to be able to help people in all aspects of their health. After getting to know you, I have a much better idea of how to handle your 4th sore throat in the past 6 months. And I’ll be just as interested in helping when you go on to say, “can I talk to you about my trouble sleeping when I travel for work?”

Urgent Care facilities and “doctor on demand” apps don’t know the whole picture of your health – it may seem easier but ultimately using these instead of having a relationship with a PCP is not the best answer for long-term health. You are more than just the sore throat in Room 3. You are a person with an amazing life ahead, and we can help you be ready for it.