Your Retirement Year – Episode 25

21 April, 2021

Your Retirement Years With Phil Usher

Each month, private aged care specialist and Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities founder Phil Usher is joined by a variety of guest speakers to discuss the aged care landscape in Australia. Presented by 4CRB, Your Retirement Years reviews the changes that are on the horizon and underway within the retirement and aged care industry.

Episode 25 – Angie Monte and Megan Jurisich

In this episode of Your Retirement Years presented by 4CRB, Phil chats to Angie Monte and Megan Jurisich from the Light Years Clinic based in Burleigh.

Today’s show is about technology and how it can help us feel, stay and look younger. Angie has been in the health and wellness industry and has a passion to help others look and feel their very best.

As a chartered accountant who has always loved skin care, Megan started in public practice which led her to accounting for a cosmetic physician.

The pair grew up on the Gold Coast together and have a wealth of knowledge in regards to skin care wellbeing.

Phil, Megan and Angie discuss the leaps forward in the anti-ageing space, the benefits of LED therapy and how it works.