Living with dementia at Odyssey

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Odyssey offers true ageing-in-place for loved ones living with early and advanced dementia providing tailored services catering to their specific needs.

Dementia Care and

Odyssey is equipped to support residents living with dementia, at all levels of care. In most cases, residents can continue living in their Odyssey home with their partner, and our expert Carers will provide them with the support they need to be happy, safe and comfortable at home.

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Memory Lane
at Odyssey

For residents with advanced dementia and who can no longer live safely at home, Odyssey’s new ‘Memory Lane’ provides a safe and secure area for residents with specialist staff on hand to support with your loved one’s individual needs.

Memory Lane is staffed 24/7 by a specialised, experienced and compassionate team, so your loved one will never be alone. It is purpose built in response to the challenges facing those with more advanced cognitive impairment, providing a secure environment, specialised support, and organised activities to make life resemble home, be more comfortable, safe and importantly – enjoyable.

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Memory Lane features

Walking spaces to meander safely

Raised garden spaces to potter

Lounge with faux fireplace

Safety kitchen for supervised baking

Specialised activity areas

Memory boxes for familiarity and comfort

Couples accommodation available