A New Way to Age on the Gold Coast

06 March, 2024

Odyssey is a place you go to live

As we get older, the nature and pace of our lives change. But we don’t stop living simply because we’re ageing. We might slow down, semi-retire or retire altogether. Maybe we choose to be closer to our community of choice: our family, friends and loved ones. Perhaps we’re searching for the right balance of care and independence. As we age, we simply need to find the right place and people who understand what we value in life.

So, if you’re planning a life for your senior years—whether home care, aged care, retirement or nursing care—we’d love to show you a new way to age at Odyssey on the Gold Coast.


“Old age should not be a time of decline and isolation. It should be a time of growth, exploration, and purpose.”

— Dr. Bill Thomas, The Eden Alternative


Odyssey empowers you to choose how you live

1. A luxury lifestyle
People are often stunned by the level of luxury and ease Odyssey offers. For instance, our designer apartments are made with impeccable detail—affording you privacy, spaciousness, gorgeous furnishings, security and accessibility. Beyond your apartment, the Odyssey community is yours to explore: a 5-star restaurant, library, sky gardens, wine cellar and more. To top it off, our Concierge team is here to help no matter the task—just ask!


2. The assurance of tailored care
The availability of professional care is non-negotiable for many seniors. We know how important it is to have trained, qualified and dedicated staff on hand—trusted people who can support and care for you in the comfort of your own home. Odyssey provides 24/7 nursing care onsite for this reason. In addition, we also have a resident doctor onsite who is available for consultations within the community.


3. A people-first community
When people choose to live at Odyssey, they choose a community that supports them to live an authentically fulfilling life—every day. At Odyssey, couples stay together in their own private apartment and pets are welcome. This is a place where you’ll meet wonderful people, make friends and take part in our lively social calendar when you want to. But most of all, it’s your home: a place you can invite your family and friends to visit, stay and enjoy Odyssey’s community, food and events alongside you.


4. A life on the Gold Coast
If you’re looking to move to the coast, a whole lifestyle of beautiful weather, beaches, nature and a connected community await. And if you’re already a Gold Coast local, Odyssey places you in the heart of it all. We are centrally located in Robina (and soon, Chevron Island!). A hub for culture, health and businesses, the Gold Coast positions you closely to every modern amenity and service you could need, and more! Read more here.


What do you envision for your life?

We’re here to help make your vision your reality. To find out if Odyssey is the right community for you, get in touch with our team or book a tour today.