Do Retirement Homes With Nursing Care Exist?

19 May, 2022

If you’re preparing for your senior years, you might find yourself looking at all the traditional options and wondering where you fit in this picture. Will you have a lifestyle you love? Will you have higher care when or if you need it?

Getting the right balance is key. So, here are three things you need to know to find the right care and senior living option for you.


1. There’s a difference between aged care providers and retirement villages.

At face value, aged care facilities and retirement villages may seem similar. And yet, in terms of what they offer, the differences are notable.

Retirement villages provide residents with independent living and a desirable lifestyle. Whereas aged care facilities provide care to elderly people who can no longer live independently or who need a higher level of care. Queensland providers operate under two distinct acts (state and federal).

  • The Retirement Villages Act 1999 (Queensland) promotes consumer protection and fair trading practices between villages and residents.
  • The Aged Care Act 1997 (Commonwealth) aims to provide funding for high-quality aged care and accommodation.


2. There is a ‘best of both worlds’ alternative.

Based on the traditional options available, it can be easy to feel like you have to choose between quality care and the lifestyle you want. But what if you didn’t have to choose one or the other? Odyssey is a retirement lifestyle community with the added benefit of 24/7 care, built-in.

While we are not a government-funded aged care facility, our residents still get the benefit of first-class care customised to their needs and preferences. Although you’re not required to have an ACAT to live at Odyssey, if you have care needs, you can investigate whether you’re eligible for government assistance through ACAT Home Care Packages.


3. How the Odyssey alternative can work for you.

Ultimately, Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities exist to be a beautiful alternative to aged care. We’re putting people first, which means we understand your ageing journey will be unique to you and you deserve to enjoy every day to the full.

Here’s how care at Odyssey can make a life-changing difference in your senior years.

☑ When you move here, you’ll never have to worry about whether you’ll have the right kind of higher care, should you need it. We offer levels of care and will tailor a flexible plan for you.

☑ Our FlexiCare packages can be changed when and if your needs change. We offer all levels of care, from low to high care, as well as palliative and dementia care.

☑ Couples at Odyssey can stay together, even if they require different levels of care. We can provide nursing care in your home, according to your individual needs.

☑ Our dedicated and professional care team includes Registered Nurses who provide care in the comfort and privacy of our residents’ homes.

☑ Your care doesn’t need to take away from living a beautiful lifestyle. Odyssey’s luxury apartments and community facilities are designed for your comfort, wellbeing and happiness.



Ready to explore your options?

For more information about our onsite care and FlexiCare packages, click here. Or for free and unbiased advice, our Aged Care Assist service can help you explore your options and navigate the complex aged care landscape.