Your Retirement Years – Episode 14

04 June, 2020

Your Retirement Years With Phil Usher

Each month, private aged care specialist and Odyssey Lifestyle Care Communities founder, Phil Usher is joined by a variety of guest speakers to discuss the aged care landscape in Australia. Presented by 4CRB, Your Retirement Years reviews the changes that are on the horizon and underway within the retirement and aged care industry.

Episode 14 – Bettina and Gabriele Ricciuti

In this episode of Your Retirement Years presented by 4CRB, Phil talks to Bettina and Gabriele Ricciuti, authors of the newly released book Inside Love, which is based on Gabriele’s incredible and eventful journey. In this book, it shares how Gabriele’s spirited character saw him through many trials and tribulations including being surrounded by the tragedy of WWII in Italy, surviving 42 horrific days on a rust bucket ship and yet, the worst was yet to come. Gabriele is now aged 89 and blind, and he and Bettina are still happily married.