All aboard the Olive Express with 9 News Queensland!

11 March, 2024

All aboard the Olive Express! Last week, we were thrilled to host 9 News Queensland, Bruce Paige and the Olive Express, a magical business offering an incredible and innovative form of diversional therapy that revives the thrill of traveling for elderly loved ones.

Diversional therapy is a specialised therapeutic approach that focuses on providing recreational and leisure-based activities to seniors. Our residents were treated to an immersive virtual train experience, and enjoyed a trip through the picturesque Swiss Alps, all from the comfort of Odyssey’s doorstep!

Being able to provide residents with new and delightful adventures is inherent to the Odyssey experience and this virtual train journey offers a break from the routine, ignites the imagination and sparks conversation and connection among our residents. A big thanks to 9 News Queensland and Olive Express!