Come and Explore Imagineland today!

14 December, 2021

One of Odyssey’s residents, Dr Charles Margerison, has launched a fascinating interactive website for early learners called Explore Imagineland.

He has written stories that were created for his own grandchildren and made them available for other parents, carers and grandparents to share with their families.

In Imagineland, you can explore concepts that effect the environment, health, social issues and more. But most importantly, the children will be having fun while learning along with you.

You’ll meet Roley Poley, a mole who teaches the children to keep fit and become a champion at their sport.

There’s Hairy Herby, an insect who is passionate about where he lives and engages with the children on how to protect the environment.

Imagineland ignites curiosity in little learners and their families and the songs, games and characters provide fun while learning about key concepts.

“They’ve helped children and some adults understand the importance of kindness, friendship keeping healthy and active and other key messages,” said Dr Charles.

The website can be used by grandparents, parents and carers and also comes with a unique ‘child friendly’ mode for peace of mind when children are using devices.