Odyssey Robina’s second stage of development

17 August, 2021

Odyssey Robina is launching its second stage of development which will see residents traversing skybridges across six new levels.

The second stage of the community will include 48 new apartments and has been developed in consultation with residents and will also feature an entire level designed specifically for seniors with memory issues.

CEO and founder, Phil Usher, says Odyssey’s process of resident consultation and continual feedback has led to the development of a new stage that the company is truly proud of.

“We really listen to what our residents are asking for and adapt to their needs, rather than following a model of ‘here’s what you get’,” says Mr Usher.

“Apartments in the new stage will include a powder room as well as a deluxe bathroom – a design feature we have developed directly in relation to feedback from our residents.”

Hutchinson Builders, who built stage one of Odyssey, will also construct the second stage, which will include architecturally appointed skybridges on every level to connect the new tower to one of the existing towers.

Mr Usher says there will be communal areas on each skybridge in addition to an outdoor setting and garden space.

“The skybridges will be akin to having a park at the end of the street where everyone can come together socially,” says Mr Usher.

“The addition of stage two will seek to bring our residents together in an even more meaningful way and further foster the Odyssey community.”

Construction of stage two is expected to take 16 months, with preliminary works already underway.