Odyssey’s Memory Lane on 7 News Gold Coast

03 February, 2023

We recently invited 7 News Gold Coast to visit Memory Lane – an entire level dedicated to seniors with cognitive impairments. Our rockstar resident Denis, shared his story and along with Chief Wellness Officer Rebecca Hamer, gave the media a tour of Memory Lane.

Designed to provide a higher quality of life, Memory Lane is critical to enabling residents to continue living in a familiar environment with a regular care team who can support them through their journey.

Given its 5-star quality, care structure, person-centred approach and home environment that does not present like a traditional memory support unit, Memory Lane is entirely unique within the industry.

Memory Lane provides residents with the care and support they need in an atmosphere which promotes autonomy and choice. While Memory Lane is its own space, residents still enjoy events and functions within Odyssey’s wider community and it’s important that they never feel or become isolated.