Can I keep my pet in aged care?

20 July, 2021

Resident with dog

It can be one of the most heartbreaking things–seeing your parents say goodbye to their beloved four-legged companion because their aged care accommodation doesn’t permit pets. To some seniors, this can be the first sign of their reduced freedom and how ageing is negatively impacting their lives.

This very experience is one of the reasons Phil Usher founded Odyssey. After not being able to find an aged care facility that would allow his mother the life she wanted, he aimed to create the best alternative to aged care.

“I wanted to give the power back to the residents, put people first where you have your own home in a lifestyle-orientated community, couples stay together, pets are welcome, grandkids have sleepovers, and most importantly – your comfort, dignity, and independence is the first priority.”
– Phil Usher, Odyssey Founder

Our pets play fundamental roles at all stages in our lives. In fact, Australians are some of the biggest pet-lovers in the world, with over half of our households owning a family pet. So when it comes time for you or your parents to move into aged care, being able to have your pet stay in the facility can be an important decision-making factor. But why are pets so good for us, especially the elderly? And what pet care facilities are available near Odyssey? Read on to find out!

Benefits of Pets

There are an overwhelming amount of benefits for Seniors owning pets! Here are a few that help ensure our residents’ quality of life as they age happily, healthily and with dignity in their own homes.

1. Pets keep you moving! Big or small, all dogs need exercise in their lives. This is good news for any pet owner as a simple daily walk has the great benefit of keeping you moving. This is especially important for seniors as the longer you exercise, the easier it is for you to stay mobile. Even housebound pets, like cats, help to maintain the owner’s mobility with the need to complete daily activities.

2. Nothing beats coming home and seeing how excited your pet is to see you. Pets can improve our mood in various ways as they help to:

    • Reduce stress and anxiety, 
    • Ease loneliness,
    • Reduce depression, and
    • Encourage playfulness

3. Pets can reduce your risk of heart disease. Research by the Baker Medical Research Institute in Melbourne found pet-owners are less likely to experience cardiovascular risks. Not only are your pets bringing you joy, they are also keeping your heart happy and healthy!

Dog-friendly walks

Robina Parkway Fenced Agility Dog Park | Robina Parkway, Clear Island Waters QLD, 4226
Just an 8-minute drive from Odyssey is one of the largest off-leash dog parks on the Gold Coast. It’s a great place for your dog to run and play, and for you to make friends with other friendly dog owners.

Scottsdale Reserve | Scottsdale Reserve, Prospect Ct, Robina QLD 4226
In a bit over 10 minutes, you can walk to Scottsdale Reserve. While this is an on-leash area, it is a wide-open space–perfect for you and your dog to get some fresh air.

Robina Common | Robina Common, 165 Ron Penhaligon Way, Robina QLD 4226
This is a fully fenced-off and off-leash dog park with baseball, soccer, and cricket fields. This is only a 7-minute drive from Odyssey.

Park & Recreation | Park & Recreation, 13 Silvermaple St, Robina QLD 4226
In about 3 minutes from Odyssey, you can walk to an on-leash park. This is a great option if you need to quickly burn some of your pets’ energy.

Due to Odyssey’s central location in Robina, there are also a number of dog groomers, walkers and vets close by!

Pets of Odyssey

Our residents’ pets range from goldfish to cats (who tend to keep an eye on one another), dogs to birds. 

At Odyssey, our furry friends are allowed everywhere in the community, except for our restaurant, unless they are a registered guide dog. We do require all dogs must be well trained to maintain a happy, calm atmosphere for all our residents.

We welcome all types of dog breeds and currently have 7 dogs at Odyssey. Here you can see our wonderful residents with their dogs.


Residents with dog
Residents with dog
Residents with dogs

Looking into aged care can be a stressful experience, especially if you think you will have to say goodbye to a beloved pet. At Odyssey, we want your next stage in life to be exciting! Our residents get to live their life, knowing they are safe with on-site care available 24/7.

Want to learn more about Odyssey’s heart centred approach?

If the worry of saying goodbye to your pet is stopping you from being a resident of aged care, contact us today! We put our residents first in everything we do. You can learn more about Odyssey’s heart centred approach here or you talk to our friendly staff at 07 5551 6720.